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Logmein is the same company that produce hanachi. 

When I need to support a new machine, I get them to install the hamachi client (straight forward install wizard) and then get them to enter my vpn IP and I can then access there computer - rdp, vnc, ssh etc. 

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 I am surprised no one has created a service like LogMeIn [0] yet for 

 I have used it in the past to support Windows machines (as LogMeIn only 
 works on Windows), but the great thing is that you can do the 
 controlling (i.e. the remote viewer) through any web browser, which is 
 obviously OS independent.

 All i do is on the remote machine, either myself or instruct the person 
 there, to go to the logmein site, log in with my details, then there is 
 a button to 'Add this computer' which downloads and installs a little 
 program, so that from then on, the user can just turn the program on 
 when they want support and I can log into the site and see in my list of 
 computers that they are online, and connect to them.

 Why has someone not made this easy for Ubuntu?

 Although I do remember playing (successfully) with a Java based version 
 of VNC... that worked through a web browser, but still required the set 
 up on the client, with the complication of port forwarding, dynamic dns 

 LogMeIn does not require you to fiddle with port forwarding or dynamic 
 dns things at all.

 [0] http://www.logmein.com

 Jon Reynolds (j0nr)

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