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Well thanks for the replies. I think my first action will be a lad under the wrist as this seems to make most sense to me. It just feels like I've been holding my hand slightly upward over a mouse (sometimes jiggling furiously all day) for too long. 

Of course there's always the possibility that it's an unrelated injury but that's hard to diagnose. 

Thanks again. 

Jon Reynolds (j0nr) 
Jon Reynolds 

Roger Lancefield <rlancefield at gmail.com> wrote:

On 25 March 2011 16:14, Jon Reynolds <maillist at jcrdevelopments.com> wrote: > Hello folks, > > Am sure as all of you are computer users, some probably quite prolific (as > coders etc), that some of you have had experience with RSI. > > I have had a bad wrist for a few years now on and off. It always seemed to > go away but recently (last 4-6months) it seems to be here and not going > away. > > Basically I get a pain in the inside corner of my wrist when it is bent > back, i.e. in a position to do push ups. I cannot push things (e.g. doing > push ups) without it hurting and shaking it (shaking inside-out socks) hurts > too. > > I have tried wearing a wrist strap (like a sports one) for the last few > weeks but it doesn't seem to be making much difference. > > I am a CAD user by day, which is very mouse-dependant, but also do an amount > of typing, but I think the mouse usage is the main culprit as its always > semi-hovering as I manoeuvre the mouse. > > I am wondering if anyone else
has had experiences like this and how they got > rid of it? Maybe those little cushioned mouse mats, where you rest your > wrist on a small cushion would help. > > Thanks, > > Jon Reynolds (j0nr) > www.jcrdevelopments.com I've suffered from RSI on and off over the years. My self-prescribed treatments have included using differently shaped peripherals in order to give the affected joint different "angles" of use, e.g. alternating between a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard and a standard keyboard, different-shaped mice, and a few years back, when my lower back was giving me problems I alternated every 30 mins or so between an office chair and a space-hopper-style exercise ball. One other tip, it's well worth considering professional (or good amateur) massage on the affected limbm and even beyond it. While it may feel like the pain is very local, in say the wrist, having a thorough massage right up to the shoulder and beyond can work wonders, at least in my experience. Oh and if you go for
shiatsu, try to find the real Japanese thumb-pressure kind, not the trendy "holistic" derivatives commonly found on Clapham High Street ;) Of course, any treatment should really be combined with rest, but that's not an option for many of us, I know. Best of luck with the treatment. Roger 

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