[ubuntu-uk] RSI

Jon Reynolds maillist at jcrdevelopments.com
Fri Mar 25 16:14:49 UTC 2011

 Hello folks,

 Am sure as all of you are computer users, some probably quite prolific 
 (as coders etc), that some of you have had experience with RSI.

 I have had a bad wrist for a few years now on and off. It always seemed 
 to go away but recently (last 4-6months) it seems to be here and not 
 going away.

 Basically I get a pain in the inside corner of my wrist when it is bent 
 back, i.e. in a position to do push ups. I cannot push things (e.g. 
 doing push ups) without it hurting and shaking it (shaking inside-out 
 socks) hurts too.

 I have tried wearing a wrist strap (like a sports one) for the last few 
 weeks but it doesn't seem to be making much difference.

 I am a CAD user by day, which is very mouse-dependant, but also do an 
 amount of typing, but I think the mouse usage is the main culprit as its 
 always semi-hovering as I manoeuvre the mouse.

 I am wondering if anyone else has had experiences like this and how 
 they got rid of it? Maybe those little cushioned mouse mats, where you 
 rest your wrist on a small cushion would help.


 Jon Reynolds (j0nr)

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