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I've been using Ubuntu for around 1 year now

I'm 21 years old

Currently I'm jobless and want to help the Linux community with what I can,
but I don't think I will be 100% of use, due to the fact that if I get a job
I'll find it hard to be available at all times online or for meeting
face-to-face. The other, being that I might get accepted into University but
most likely not because I've failed to get accepted for the third time

I'm trying to learn any Programming language. I heard Python is good for
beginners and that's where I want to start

Will be getting this book from Waterstones soon - I've ordered it:* *Dive
Into Python (Mark Pilgrim)

I'm having difficulties and need just a little bit of assistance in how to
start with the basics then I think I will become a lot better since I have
great appreciation and curiosity for technical things

So I'll be very grateful if that support is provided

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