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Graham Smith myotistwo at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 06:43:06 UTC 2011

A bit late to the party, but..

I bought a Kindle as a way of reading the many manuals/tutorials/books that
are now downloadable. To save me printing them out.

The Kindle works with PDFs, but without the re-flow capability that you get
with the mobi based Kindle formatted books. This means the only way to read
PDFs is with the Kindle in landscape mode. Even then, the font is only
"just" big enough to read.

The next problem is that the scrolling is a screen at a time. If you have a
graph or a table, it is often cut in half, and you can't scroll the page to
get all of the graph in view at the same time.

And maybe this just needed getting used to the search tools, but its a
little slow, and searching for key words, instead of flicking through a
paper manual looking for the bit I wanted, proved frustrating.

It's certainly "doable" but it's not a great experience, and I'm currently
in a quandry as to whether to persevere. It's very convenient having a
collection of manuals on the Kindle, but in practice, I'm not using it much,
and still printing stuff out. :-(

Converting PDFs to Kindle format, when the PDF has tables and graphics,
proved beyond me. I tried various options but tables nearly always ended up
as a list of what had been once a table, and graphics would't convert or
partially convert. I gave up.

However, for reading novels in (original Kindle or converted PDFs) its
wonderful. The screen is excellent, and if I read novels I would be a fan of
the Kindle.

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