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Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Thu Mar 24 00:13:54 UTC 2011

On 23 Mar 2011, at 23:13, LeeGroups <mailgroups at varga.co.uk> wrote:

>> On 22 March 2011 10:41, Paul Sutton <zleap at zleap.net> wrote:
>>> Looking at the amazon kindle it looks as if i can use it to open / read
>>> normal pdf files such as the one for the ubuntu manual,  if this is the case
>>> it would be useful.
>> You can, but PDF rendering is less than ideal. You're better off using
>> more 'native' formats on the Kindle than PDF.
> Alan,
> Can you define 'less than ideal'? I thinking about getting a Kindle (then seem OK in PC World), but the main reason for getting it would be to read PDF manuals. Is it really that bad?

With mobi or other non PDF format files you can adjust the font size. The kindle reflows the text so you get however much will fit on screen. PDF files don't have this option so the text tends to be tiny, hard to read.

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