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Simon Redmond simon at sibass.co.uk
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I used calibre to convert a series of pdf's (funnily enough for an ou course) into the more native format for my kindle as I found reading the pdf to much of a strain on the eyes. It seems to work well, however its not a perfect conversion formatting can sometimes go a bit funny and images don't seem to come though, but works for my purposes.

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this is slightly off topic but the answer could be useful to others.

Looking at the amazon kindle it looks as if i can use it to open / read normal pdf files such as the one for the ubuntu manual,  if this is the case it would be useful.

On another note, part of my Open uni studies requires me to read and highlight text in book, if i could get hold of electronic versions can i do this with kindle or other book readersl as in highlight text adnthen some how save the file with the highlights so i can use it to take notes, or perhaps there is other ways to attach notes to text.

i amk looking at several books on LInux atm,  have very little shelf space left and don't want to be a tree killer by printing out documentation,

i can also buy electronic books cheaper than paper, copies

any suggestions or ideas


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