[ubuntu-uk] Team Leadership Election Process

Matthew Daubney matt at daubers.co.uk
Fri Mar 18 20:10:37 UTC 2011

Just to make things more interesting it's been pointed out that there is
some confusion as to whether or not we have a team lead or a Point of
Contact. Having dug through the history a bit, back in the early days of UUK
we had a Team Leader, but just before Popey took the reigns this was turned
into the role of a Point of Contact, however reading though the IRC
conversation it wasn't actually clear if the role of Team Leader was being
replaced or appended too.

Based on this there has been some discussion as to what we should now do. As
far as I can tell there are 3 ways we can proceed.

1. Keep the current uncertainty for now and decide what to do when Alan Bell
decides to step down
2. Decide which role we want to put Alan Bell in now
3. Decide what role we want and change the role at the end of Alan Bells

Personally I'd go with item 2, as it will lead to less uncertainty and make
the role mean something now.

I've started a list of pro's and con's of various ways of defining the role,
if people want to have a read thorugh this and add/amend to it that would be
aces. http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/WhatTypeOfLeadership

If we can start the discussion now, then I would recommend we put all of
this to a vote at the next meeting.

I know politics is boring.... but we need to do this really.

Thanks for reading.

-Matt Daubney

(and if I have to do this again I promise there will be Ninja's, Pirates and
maybe some mild peril!)
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