[ubuntu-uk] Mail hosting

Tony Travis a.travis at abdn.ac.uk
Mon Mar 14 13:57:13 UTC 2011

On 13/03/11 17:36, mac wrote:
> On 13/03/2011 15:28, Gordon Burgess-Parker wrote:
>> I've used 1 and 1 for some years now - £0.69 per month for 5 mailboxes,
>> IMAP supplied AND they use Linux to host it on...
> Thanks for the info, Gordon, and thanks to everyone for the help and
> information.   I've been researching your various suggestions, and
> looking into the options, and I've decided simply to use mail forwarding
> from an existing account.

Hi, mac

Sorry, I am late to this thread, but I use UKFSN (UK Free Software 
Network), who donate money to FLOSS development:


I use it for my personal email acount (ajt at minke.ukfsn.org) and for 
authenticated SMTP from other email accounts when I'm travelling.


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