[ubuntu-uk] OT but geeky: Chuck Season 1 on Five Star

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Mon Mar 7 22:48:04 UTC 2011

Hi folks,

I thought this might interest some of you...

5 Star (which I gather is one of the Channel 5 spin off channels, 
formally known as Fiver) is showing the US TV show Chuck starting with 
the first ever episode tomorrow (8th March 2011) at 9pm.

For those who have never heard of Chuck, it's a show about a regular 
computer geek who works in the Nerd Herd of his local 'Buymore' store 
(think Currys/Comet).  He's sent an e-mail from an old college friend 
which turns out to be a classified government computer called the 
'Intersect' which leaves Chuck with lots of government secrets in it 
which get stuck in his head.

I've watched the show religiously since it first started and I can say 
it's a great show.  My wife is also a big fan and she's not very geeky 
at all.  It has something that appeals to everyone and it's a really 
funny show with a dedicated following.

There is some great casting in the show, especially in Season 2 where it 
features Chevy Chase as a kind of 'Steve Jobs' type character and Scott 
Bakula as Chuck's father, and in Season 4, Timothy Dalton as Alexi 
Volkoff (a Russian arms dealer) and Linda Hamilton as Chuck's mum (and 
Volkoff's love interest).

So, as a long time Chuck fan, I'd say if you haven't seen it before, 
you'd be well worth giving it a try.  In the states they are up to 
Season 4 so there's a fair few episodes to watch and hopefully if it 
proves to be popular Channel Five will show all four seasons.

So remember to tune in at 9pm...

Freeview channel 30
Sky channel 176
or Virgin channel 151


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