[ubuntu-uk] wacom bamboo MTE450

Norman Silverstone norman at littletank.org
Thu Jun 30 15:18:18 UTC 2011

I have recently installed Ubuntu 11.04 and I am unable to get the
buttons on the pad to respond when I am using GIMP. The pen and its
buttons are OK. Prior to installing 11.04 I was using 9.10 and the
buttons on the pad worked. The procedure I use is to run the following
script before running GIMP:-


# If you set XSW in your environment it will override the
# script's default of /usr/bin/xsetwacom.
# If you set PAD and/or STYLUS then those override the script's
# defaults of 'Wacom Bamboo pad' and 'Wacom Bamboo' which are
# known correct for Ubuntu 9.04

# ------8<------[ Do not change this bit: ]-------------------

test "x$XSW" = "x" && XSW=/usr/bin/xsetwacom
test -x $XSW || { echo "Cannot find xsetwacom in /usr/bin"; exit 1; }

test "x$PAD" = "x" && PAD="Wacom Bamboo pad"
test "x$STYLUS" = "x" && STYLUS="Wacom Bamboo"

pad () {
  $XSW set "$PAD" "$@"

stylus () {
  $XSW set "$STYLUS" "$@"

# ------8<------[ Configurability from here down. ]-----------

# Define the Bamboo buttons
pad AbsWDn "CORE KEY + "		# circle zoom out
pad AbsWUp "CORE KEY - "		# circle zoom in
pad Button1 "CORE KEY CTRL /z"		# key 1 (<)	undo
pad Button2 "CORE KEY  CTRL"		# key 2 (FN1) CTRL
pad Button3 "CORE KEY SHIFT CTRL /e"	# key 3 (>) fill frame
pad Button4 "CORE KEY  SHIFT"		# key 4 (FN2) SHIFT

stylus TPCButton "off"			# side switch mode
stylus mode "Absolute"			# positioning mode
stylus Button1 "Button 1"		# pentip click left
stylus Button2 "Core Key x"		# Lower side switch Fg/Bg -> Bg/Fg
stylus Button3 "Button 2"		# Upper side switch click middle

Could someone please suggest what I might need to change or point me to
where I might find the answer to the difficulty.



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