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gazz pmgazz at gmx.co.uk
Thu Jun 30 07:16:28 UTC 2011

Could we pls have some for the voluntary sector? 


On Wed, 2011-06-29 at 22:23 +0100, Alan Bell wrote:

> Hi all,
> minutes from the meeting last night are in the traditional place at
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/LastMeeting
> Main topics for discussion were
>   * CD Distribution
> we have CDs, we need to get them out there, if you have contacts at 
> Universities then it would be great to get a load out to students, 
> particularly if we can organise installfests.
>   * LoCo reapproval application
> we need to go through this process during the Oneiric cycle
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/TeamApprovalGuidelines
> our application form is at:
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/ReApprovalApplication2011
> and we have a scratchpad for notes on things we have done as we draft 
> the reapproval application form
> ///http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/reapproval
> /Please add notes, descriptions, and links to articles/pictures of 
> things we have done to promote Ubuntu in the UK over the last few years.
>   * Books and Butties
> the trip to the british library is coming on, we have a LoCo directory 
> entry here to sign up to
> http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/1032/detail/
> and we have a corresponding facebook event created
> http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=156528094418552
> creating the facebook event lead to a discussion about facebook pages 
> and whether we should  have one, general consensus was "maybe" so I 
> created one to see how it goes.
> http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ubuntu-UK/237328659623076
> If we get a few more people who "like" that page then we can get a 
> vanity url for it, which is quite the thing to have apparently. It will 
> pick up new articles from the ubuntu-uk.org website, which in turn means 
> we should really be putting more stuff up there.
> Alan.
> -- 
> The Open Learning Centre is rebranding, find out about our new name and look at http://libertus.co.uk
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