[ubuntu-uk] Photo Tagging and Search

Ian Pascoe softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com
Tue Jun 28 07:44:29 UTC 2011

Hi all

I have, very foolishly in hindsight, offered to help my partner to bring
order to her tens of thousands of digital pictures.  You can guess what the
main problem is, one of being able to find that picture of the cute whatever
she took on holiday a couple of years ago.  All the pictures are currently
stored on USB HDDs and is nearing about 1 Tb in data!  Oh, and the solution
has to be cross platform, and not rely on cloud based storage.

So, my first stumbling block seems to be around trying to comprehend what
you can actually store as tags in a .jpg file.  I am confused as some
articles say that you can add custom tags to a jpg file and the file will
keep those tags as it is moved around, whilst others imply that as soon as
you move it from it's current location, the tags disappear; the latter seems
to me to imply that the directory entry for the file holds the tags as
opposed to the actual file itself.

Can somebody please clarify this for me?

Secondly, is a cross platform app that can do the tagging - don't want
anything server based as to be honest I haven't the know how or expertise to
do this, although over time this is my goal.  The top runner at the moment
is F-Spot which seems to be in the process of being ported to Windows, but
is still someway off of being ready, so any other alternatives?  The USP for
this software would be for it to be able to bulk update tags.

Unless anyone knows different, I think that the last requirement which is to
be able to quickly search for items meeting a set of criteria will have to
wait until I bite the server bullet.  I should say that the only criteria I
have here is that the files themselves should not solely exist as blobs in a
database for retrieval.  This is my partners requirement as she want to be
able to physically take her pictures with her when we go a visiting to
parents to show them off as they don't necessarily have access to the
internet through either wired or wireless means.

Any help and guidance would really be appreciated.


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