[ubuntu-uk] Scheduling software recommendations

Avi lists at avi.co
Mon Jun 27 20:36:37 UTC 2011

Alan Lord (News) wrote:
> OpenERP - Has full calendar/scheduling (mainly used in Sales or
> Project management context) would probably do what you need (Python).
> Has CalDAV/Ical support so you can sync to iPhone/Lightning etc.
> Horde - (http://www.horde.org) similar to above I guess in that it is
> a groupware app. Not sure about functionality haven't used it ages
> (PHP).


I've got the VM up and installing, so these'll be on it. Though
given Jon Spriggs' email I'll probably not do Horde from the repos :)

> Thought about just using a shared Google Calendar too?

Yeah, that was my initial thought, but I'd rather host it here.
Management would probably like the data security, I just want to be
able to fiddle with the system to a greater degree than a free google
docs will let me :)


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