[ubuntu-uk] What aren't we doing? What should we be doing?

Sarah Chard sarah at streetentertainers.co.uk
Fri Jun 24 19:01:30 UTC 2011

n Fri, 2011-06-24 at 19:24 +0100, Paul Sutton wrote:
> we just need to co-ordinate efforts more.

I agree with Paul - 

the wiki pages seem to have a lot of out of date info - which is quite
off putting if you are coming in looking for an active community.

it would be great to have more poster & leaflet templates for use at
events and other relevant material that could be tweaked if needed. 

Finding info and designing stuff, thinking up wording takes a lot of
time and effort - we could share what we have centrally and make it
easily accessible.
If we know there are events coming up such as a release date or software
freedom day - we can have material specific to that event for people to
use. Install fests can happen at any point - so why not have some
material ready - it all makes it so much easier for people to organise
on the ground.

as Paula said
 > creating 'buzz' at local levels is the best way to get Ubuntu out
there on a shoestring

we can make it easier for those that want to get out there and create
the 'buzz' by providing more info on what has worked at events in the
past and up to date downloadable materials for local groups to use.


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