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On 24 June 2011 10:03, Gordon Burgess-Parker <gbplinux at gmail.com> wrote:

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> Not so. How can the IT dept evaluate a FINANCIAL reporting application?
> Especially an internationally-recognised market leader? The IT dept is a
> SERVICE dept. If the MD says "I want such and such a software because I
> think we can benefit from it, the IT dept shouldn't throw a hissy fit just
> because the MD didn't consult them about what software HE wants - they
> should buckle down and install it.

Rubbish... they should be involved in the consultation... it may be that
there is alternative software that would better integrate with what is
already there and, indeed, which is more easily customised to the business's
exact requirements.

In 23 years of working in IT I have seen MANY instances where the business
"think they know what they want" and are swayed by a smooth-talking salesman
into buying something that then proves an absolute nightmare for the IT
department to support and maintain.

It is the job of the IT department to ensure that the business get the best
solutions, and the best support.  To bypass them negates their entire

You talk about them as if they are merely "cogs in the machine", there to do
exactly what the business THINK they want without questioning ("they should
buckle down and install it").  If that is what you want then I'd sack the
lot of them and take on some 16-year-olds with no qualifications apart from
the ability to click "Next -> Next -> Next" on an install.  Quite why you'd
need an IT department to do that all bemuses me... presumably YOU could have
"installed it" if that was all you required?


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