[ubuntu-uk] Dad's Computer - for want of a better subject

Avi Greenbury lists at avi.co
Wed Jun 22 08:22:51 UTC 2011

Jon Reynolds wrote:
> Is XP no longer sold (now I think about it that may be obvious!)? What
> about all the people and businesses who are not ready/capable of
> supporting/running Win7? Are existing XP license holders not able to
> have their PCs repaired and continue using their XP License? That's
> rubbish!!

It was hard to get hold of XP in a MS-blessed way last time I was 
interested a year or so ago, I don't imagine it's got easier.

Those businesses are supposed to have upgraded by now. The EOL for XP 
was widely publicised long before it happened, and it was then extended, 
and even then you could still buy it for a bit. I imagine it's still 
possible to get hold of, but perhaps not with MS's blessing.

As said, I'd expect it to have just worked - replace the board and boot 
(perhaps a bit of hoop-jumping), but I don't know if this shop's got 
some deal with MS going on whereby they agree to actually abide by the 

> So is Vista still sold then? I wonder if they told him they were going
> to put it on?

Well, if you've a license in stock you're still allowed to sell it, but 
MS are definitely less concerned about people selling Vista licenses 
when they should be selling 7 ones than they are about XP.

> Either way, I wish my Dad would just let me put Ubuntu on there and just
> LEARN to use OOo instead of MSO... stubborn git! :)

Surely this isn't that far from what the shop did, just you're imparting 
a different OS upon him... :)


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