[ubuntu-uk] Dropbox type solutions....

Jon Spriggs jon at sprig.gs
Mon Jun 20 12:08:23 UTC 2011

On 20 June 2011 12:31, Dave Hanson <dave at hansonforensics.co.uk> wrote:
> Good Afternoon All,
> I'm thinking of creating my own Dropbox type file storage at home (For no
> other reason than I'm tight!) I did some quick googling but the only thing's
> I can find are cloud based which seems a bit excessive.
> To summarise what I'm after:
> The storage must be accessible from any browser as many networks block ftp
> ports etc or only have 80 & 443 open.
> Have individual profile spaces (So, Storage limits can be applied to a
> particular user, other users cannot access files that are not their own,
> that sort of thing)
> Not have speed restrictions, the transfers must be as quick as the network
> allows.
> I wondered if anyone has done anything similar, the 2GB on Dropbox doesn't
> take long to fill and I don't really fancy having multiple accounts with
> different companies etc.
> --
> Best Regards,
> Dave Hanson

Consider one of the following:

1) Apache with mod_dav_svn (pro: uses Subversion to provide versioning
of your files, con: uses Subversion, which might be overkill for what
you need, also, multi-machine access may be a bit wonky)
2) OwnCloud (a KDE project, exposing WebDav data) (pro: It's a set of
PHP scripts, which means you probably will be able to deploy it
anywhere, con: relatively new to the game, not all proxies will permit
the extended requests needed for WebDav, doesn't give you any version
3) Horde's Gollem module, which provides webdav, XMLRPC and a full
HTTP interface (pro: Horde is pretty rock solid, having WebDav as well
as XMLRPC access should get you over most hurdles, and where it
doesn't, you've got HTTP access, It also has "drivers" for SQL based
storage, FTP, SSH, or local file system access which means you can
pretty much use any back-end you want as well con: Horde is a bit of a
bugger to configure, and Gollem will take some tweaking as well.)

None of these will be a drop-in replacement, but they are all things
I've toyed with in the past.

Hope that helps!

Jon "The Nice Guy" Spriggs

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