[ubuntu-uk] Libre Office and Thunderbird Addressbook

Avi lists at avi.co
Tue Jun 14 21:29:40 UTC 2011

Avi wrote:

> Gordon Burgess-Parker wrote:
> > It's not a bug, it's the way Canonical add the Office suite to
> > Ubuntu. It's been going on for years with Open Office and now
> > they've done the same with LO...
> > If you use Evolution then OO (or LO I presume, I uninstall
> > Evolution because I never use it) will use the Evolution
> > Addressbook but not anything else.
> > If you uninstall the Canonical-supplied Office suite and install
> > direct from OO ot LO then the TBird addressbook can be used as a
> > data source.
> > 
> That *is* a bug, but I can't find it filed anywhere. The Launchpad bug
> reports is the place to file this - the Ubuntu LO packages are likely
> to not be subscribed to this list.

Aha! 93546:


A brief scan of the discussion infers the problem is in Mozilla's
codebase, but it looks like it's not the simple fix you think it is. I
am sure all involved would be glad to be proven otherwise, though.


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