[ubuntu-uk] Further Decluttering

TT Mooney ttmooney at dilettantism.com
Mon Jun 13 19:43:38 UTC 2011

Hi all --

I am getting rid of some surplus equipment from home, and rather than
fuss with Ebay, I thought perhaps someone on the list would be interested.

Current techie toys littering the flat include:

O2 Joggler (works, briefly used, still in box, replaced with Nook Color
Tablet for kitchen computing) £50

Powermat Wireless Charging Pad with 1 USB Charger (new in box, tradeshow
gift) Free

Nokia N800 Tablet (no PSU, but it takes the typical Nokia Phone type.
Comes with a whopping 128 MB MiniSD) Free

Sun Ultra 5 170 (complete but without OS or CD-ROM drive) Free

Sun Sparcstation 5 110 (complete without OS but with CD-ROM drive and
spare MB)

HP 715/100 XC (complete with AUI to 10bT, PS/2 to HP keyboard)

Free items can be purchased for the price of the first round at any
decent hostelry in W1 or NW8 should the buyer like. Pick up is preferred
to shipping -- I will not ship free items.

If you're interested, reply off-list. I would like to get rid of this
stuff in the next week.

There are some other odds and ends around the office -- a Sony 20 inch
CRT (great screen, but heavy as sin) and the like as well. I will post a
full list when there is a chance.

Kind regards,


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