[ubuntu-uk] What's In A Name?

Avi lists at avi.co
Mon Jun 13 14:22:50 UTC 2011

Carlos Ferreira wrote:
> the former require (supposedly) more user-friendliness and more
> eye-candy (not to mention OEM contracts), while the latter are into
> command-line love and the feel good factor associated with fiddling
> your way through numerous work-arounds.

No, they both require user-friendliness, it's just different sorts of

The former require new-user friendliness where things are obvious,
the latter require traditional user-friendliness, where things are quick
and easy. The two tend to be quite exclusive in the general sense, hence
it being difficult to manage the expectations of both. 

Unix (and, by ancestry, Linux) has long aimed to be good rather than
popular, and appreciated the fact that most users spend more time being
'normal' users than they do new users, so tends to pander to the former
rather than the latter. In fact, many things follow this trend (there
is nothing intuitive going on in the front of a car or around a sewing
machine for two examples).

I don't think anyone *likes* fiddling their way through workarounds,
they just appreciate the fact that the system allows them to work
around problems.


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