[ubuntu-uk] What's In A Name?

Tony Scott tonys at tonyscott.org.uk
Mon Jun 13 10:06:54 UTC 2011

Codenames are not designed to survive post release:

"Since the actual release date is not known until it's ready and humans tend to prefer names rather than numbers, a set of codenames are used by developers and testers during the buildup to a release:"



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>On 13/06/11 08:44, Avi Greenbury wrote:
>>> it is called "Ubuntu 11.04", it is *not* officially called "Ubuntu
>>> Natty Narwhal". Mac was codenamed "Snow Leopard" until it was
>>> officially released, where-upon it became "OSX 10.6".
>> Really?
>yes, really.
>> I thought both 'Natty Narwhal' and 'Snow Leopard' are names intended to survive post-release. Certainly Apple is talking about 'OSX Lion' in the store, though I've just noticed a distinct lack of 'Natty' on ubuntu.com.
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