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Colin Law clanlaw at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 11 21:02:30 UTC 2011

On 11 June 2011 21:44, Dino T. <dino at dinot.co.uk> wrote:

> Teachers have enough on their plate teaching 2-3 subjects. So on top of
> teaching subjects they didnt do a degree, they now by your standards have to
> learn HTML etc? Give me a break.

Few build web pages in raw html nowadays.  No-one should be so doing.

> School websites are only done as a means to advertise and make the school
> have an online presence.

I don't think those are the right reasons for a school to have a website.
it should be there to make life easier for teachers, students and parents.
If it is not doing that then it is a waste of effort.

> They do not in majority hire web designers to do them. Most are templates
> altered to school colours or a teacher designed it that volunteered to
> create the site using Dreamweaver. That's why so many school websites look
> alike.
> Once the website is done its much faster to upload PDF's and point a link
> to it than create a layout for what is said on said PDF. Time is money and
> considering teachers don't get paid enough and are mistreated as it is, the
> last thing they need is to be told to become web designers too. They are
> schools, not the W3C or anyone linked with web accessibility so its not
> their responcibility to make sure you can view their website ok on your
> tablet PC or your Android phone.

On the other hand if to have the data accessible on mobile phone is
sufficiently useful to teachers, students or parents then that is a good
reason for doing it.

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