[ubuntu-uk] What's in a name?

George Tripp luggeorge at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jun 11 20:37:37 UTC 2011

>Windows is a familiar word. It's releases have progressive names, Windows XP, 
>Windows Vista, Windows 7. They sound cool.
>Mac OS X 'sounds' cool. Its big cat release names sound powerful. Lion is soon 
>to be released and is very cheap. This is cool. 

In my experience people use these OSs not because they think they sound cool but 
because they're on the PC/laptop when they buy it.

>If it doesn't sound cool it isn't gonna sell, even if it's free! Any advertising 
>freelancer will tell you this.

Not at all convinced that sounding cool will help. Until Ubuntu is available 
pre-installed alongside other PCs/laptops in retail outlets I suspect that the 
only users are going to be enthusiasts (such as us in this forum) and their 
friends/relatives who have corrupted their computers and lost their original 
installation disks!

Sorry if this sounds a bit negative.


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