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This might be a bit out of subject or opening a completly new can of worms but can't libreoffice save in html format? It can definatly save in pdf. Without installing cutepdf or whatever the schools are using.

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> > I know I slate the state of teaching quite often, but it's not
> > teachers who upload stuff onto websites - it's admin staff. Primary
> > schools, for example, have a school secretary who normally has to do
> > pretty much everything (and quite often they only work part time).
> > Collect dinner money, enter register data, phone parents, send out
> > letters - and one of the other tasks is to post newsletters onto the
> > school website. When you think about school secretaries you don't
> > think about people with technological interest, and they certainly
> > aren't going to spend the time reformatting a newsletter in HTML
> > format once they've made it in Word (or even worse, Publisher). Hence,
> > save as a PDF, done.
> I couldn't agree more. PDF if by far the easiest option for many schools
> and probably the most widely viewable format. Whats more interesting   is
> the variety of tools schools are using to create the PDFs, our local
> schools appear to all be using different tools, Adobe InDesign,
> Microsoft Publisher, Serif Page Plus etc. At least they have the sense
> to convert from these to a largely universal format. I couldn't imagine
> or wouldn't expect a school to be converting a well laid out newsletter
> produced in dedicated publishing software which is no doubt primarily
> designed for print into an equally appealing HTML representation.

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