[ubuntu-uk] Example of difficulty to Convert MS users

Sarah Chard sarah at streetentertainers.co.uk
Fri Jun 10 10:43:10 UTC 2011

n Fri, 2011-06-10 at 11:15 +0100, gazz wrote:

> We've previously found it difficult to do stuff in schools because
> policy has rather dictated an emphasis on Microsoft Office skills but
> this is changing and we're now looking at doing work in schools -
> particularly to develop a new generation of programmers. 
> Regards,
> Paula


We've talked about this quite a bit at our LUG meetings and have put
special emphasis on contacting teachers and students for our open source
events - 
we had some success at our March event as we had a number of students
from the local 6th form college who attended.
we are looking to build on this for our event in sept for software
freedom day - so any ideas gratefully received 
I would be interested in developing material to make it easier for
teachers / students to get started - it would be useful to have a
resource that local LUGS and others could then tap into if they are
trying to get interest in schools and colleges in their area.

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