[ubuntu-uk] Example of difficulty to Convert MS users

gazz pmgazz at gmx.co.uk
Thu Jun 9 14:18:28 UTC 2011

Heh, I sorta prefer the LO interface to the old OOo one - and older
versions of Office to newer ones too. 

Woaaaah! Just figured out how grid actually works on Unity - OK, it's
making me feel a whole lot less grumpy about it. 

For anyone else who can't do a thing with their wretched multi-panes in
Unity, click on 'grid' in the compiz settings manager (rather than
trying to disable it, oops!) and you can control what windows do as you
drag them around the desktop so they don't just do their own baffling
thing and drive you nuts. 

With multiple panes in a single app, it seems you can make them (or any
windows) jump around to different locations on the screen - or tile them
two-up with a split-screen effect - hold ctrl+alt then hit the various
keys on your number pad to see what they do.  Drag them away from the
edge and they spring back to original shape/place. Sorry for boring ppl
who've already figured out Unity and I'll stop with the stream of
consciousness now ;) - just thought lots of ppl are having bother with
multiple panes on Unity and grid seems to be the key to getting them
under control. 

I seem to have menus on non-max nautilus panes some of the time and not
others - go figure! And now nautilus keeps whinging it can't mount an
nfs share - which is already mounted so why was it even *trying* to
mount it, eh? This is gonna be a long haul . . . 


On Thu, 2011-06-09 at 14:37 +0100, Gordon Burgess-Parker wrote:

> Interestingly IMHO the appearance of both Open Office and Libre
> Office 
> is more akin to Office 2003 than anything else!
> And, the fact that he's installed the compatibility pack is
> absolutely 
> NO guarantee at all that he will be able to open docx
> documents..... ;-)
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