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gazz pmgazz at gmx.co.uk
Thu Jun 9 13:11:39 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-06-09 at 13:21 +0100, Colin Law wrote:

> Not sure what you mean by that, you can get to the window of an open
> app by clicking its icon in the launcher.

Only it's main window, not if it has extra panels - the progress bar in
file operations or any other pane opened by an application as you use it
like a bunch of open email compose windows (where I've just flipped to
Firefox to paste a link or something) -  It's really radically annoying.
I've now realised that if you hold the super key and click on the button
it tiles all the panes open in any given app (well, at least I think
that's how I just did that) . . . but, again, it's infinitely clunkier
than just pointing and clicking at the pane's button on a task bar. Had
to hold down the super key, manoeuvre the mouse over the bar (otherwise
it'll autohide). 

Thanks - I could adapt the script you point to - but it'll take me 20
mins and I already had the problem solved with a widget! Like I say, I
don't want to have to go back to doing everything on the commandline and
in scripts cos someone decided I didn't need a well-developed, perfectly
good, widget :( 

To Avi: my point is that I *didn't* used to do this stuff with a mouse
but people keep urging me to do so in order to redress Unity's
shortcomings. I find I'm using the keyboard instead and with the
multiple panes thing I'm doing a helluva lot of tedious cycling.
Middle-clicking on a touch pad is (a) physically demanding and (b) even
more confusing than cycling. Whatever multiple-clicky-whatnot I did to
tile them is actually clunkier. 

No doubt I'll eventually find ways of navigating around comfortably but,
really, I resent so much bother for so little reward :(  

Finally, do we have to have such plug-ugly icons? Why can't I change the
icon scheme like you could with Human? 

OK I acknowledge that part of my moaning has to do with being required
to undertake a substantial learning curve and habit modification but,
really, what am I getting from Unity that makes it worth it? I think we
should be told . . . 

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