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Subject: UKUUG / FLOSS UK  - new name
Date: Thursday 09 June 2011
From: Jane Morrison <office at ukuug.org>


Following on from the announcement made in December 2010, UKUUG wishes to
advise you that with immediate effect UKUUG will be known as FLOSS UK.

UKUUG Ltd. remains but will trade as FLOSS UK.

It is a natural move for UKUUG (formed in 1976 when UNIX was the spearhead for
free software and open standards) to evolve into FLOSS UK (Free and Libre Open
Source Software).

The new name reflects a broader scope and will bring the organisation to many
more people who can benefit from the group's meetings, seminars and
newsletters.  In particular:

* UKUUG has traditionally focussed on Unix systems and tools,
 but as free software has  become widespread, many of our core
 tools are platform-independent and widely used on Windows
 and other systems:

 - Languages such as Perl, Python, ...
 - Infrastructure tools such as Apache, MySQL and other
   databases; BIND for DNS; ...
 - Web-related tools such as Drupal, Django, and similar.

* Our conference topics often go beyond specific tools and
 cover open-standards technologies, e.g. XML, XSLT, ...,
 and how to use them effectively.

* Systems such as OpenStreetMap which are community activities
 and collections of data as well as implementations.

* Our OpenTech conference deals with issues and politics --
 data freedom, copyright, privacy, government and
 computing, as well as technology.

* Our community is interested in other platforms that are
 becoming increasingly important:

 - Android phones, even if they are not as open as we'd
   like.  (And OpenMoko when it was around.)
 - Arduino and similar for control/instrumentation work.
 - Open Hardware.

FLOSSUK wants to involve all these communities together, for mutual benefit.
If your group wants to organize and event, FLOSSUK has a permanent office and
staff, and can handle the administration of events organisation, so you can
concentrate on the technical content of conferences and meetings.

A new web site - www.flossuk.org is now available and details our forthcoming

FLOSS UK Secretariat
PO Box 37
Herts SG9 9UQ
Tel: 01763 273475
Fax: 01763 273255
office at flossuk.org
office at ukuug.org

A Company Limited by Guarantee
Registered Office:
The Manor House
Herts SG9 9AB

Reg. No. 2506680

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