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alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Tue Jun 7 15:20:33 UTC 2011

On 07/06/11 14:58, Bea Groves wrote:
> Hi!
> You may be interested to know that I'm an adult education tutor, ICT
> being one of my subject areas. Just recently I've managed to get our
> local adult education service (on North Tyneside) to put on a courses
> this autumn dealing with both FOSS and GNU-Linux (specifically Ubuntu),
> with me teaching them. Part of this came from the fact that my previous
> 'Microsoft-only' students have got used to the idea that good free and
> legal software is available - and that it's just as easy to learn as the
> MS equivalent. This was a deliberate policy on my part to include Linux
> alternatives as part of the curriculum... and it seems to have paid off.
> Specifically, they (the students) pressurised the powers-that-be for
> courses that expanded on the small amounts they'd been introduced to.
> Nevertheless. what I'm doing is still a rarity (and I guess I'm thought
> of as a 'bit eccentric' because of my Ubuntu evangelising). Most ICT
> tutors have never heard of Ubuntu, Linux, or anything else that doesn't
> have MS written in front of it. They 'teach to the test', and use what's
> given to them. Intellectual dumbing-down? Yes, I'd say that in most
> cases we're selling our students short with what we offer them these days.
> On 07/06/11 07:24, alan c wrote:
>>  I talk to my local Adult Education Centre a couple of times a year,
>>  mentioning Ubuntu, and it is only recently that there has been any (even
>>  grudging) acceptance that FLOSS could be used, it seems that something,
>>  maybe the strategy document above, may be prompting change.

Great! More power to your elbow Bea!

alan cocks
Ubuntu user

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