[ubuntu-uk] BBC Click

Andrés Muñiz Piniella andresmp at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 09:20:14 UTC 2011

Still haven't seen the BBC click video that started this but I like
where it is going!

I did give a slight thought as how to engage a class to learn a bit of
programming or open (free) software culture. I came up with a silly
idea but I'll just say it.

1) Get the kids to agree what they would like to do: image editor,
syncing tool, game ... make sure they all like there idea and it would
be best that they stick to one.
2) Search of an existing project that uses that idea or a similar one.
In the unlikely event that a project does not exist create it, but
this would be more difficult)
3) Get the kids to use the program and:
a) reading code if they like to program (add your stuff)
b) bug reporting
c) translating if programming is not of their interest (both code and
d) doing documentation if the above is not good
e) doing artwork for the project if the above is not good
f) spreading the word with videos, flyers etc if the above is not good
(using the input from d)
g) prepare video tutorials (using the input from c)


The above sounds so exciting that I want to do it. If the program is
portable to android, meego or maemo it will get them to want to ditch
their blackberrys and iphones.

Well maybe it's too high hopes but that is the kind of thing I would
like my daughter to do in computer classes.

Count me in if you need someone from the Ham, Richmond council. I
can't say my programming skills or programming management are any good
but I can translate and do bug reports.

Andrés Muñiz-Piniella

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