[ubuntu-uk] Simple backup script

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 19:16:55 UTC 2011

>> > Chris Rowson wrote:
>> You're pretty much right. Centralised backup handles Win Server but I
>> need to backup the data on the Linux box too, hence shifting data. ATM
>> the Win box uses a script to 'pull' archive files from the Linux box
>> using pscp.exe. I looked briefly at rsync but it seemed to require
>> cygwin deps?
> Yeah if you want to run rsync on the Win box you need cygwin or
> similar. But you can rsync on the Linux box from one volume to another
> (such as one mounted from the Windows box).  Windows' xcopy, though, is
> roughly analogous to an rsync that's not talking to an rsyncd.
> I'd do one of two things, depending on which is simpler and what your
> network looks like.
> I'd want to install Unix Services for Windows on the win server, and
> mount over NFS the bit of the Linux box to be backed up.
> If that's not possible - if the network's not isolated enough, or
> whoever looks after the Win server doesn't want to add stuff to
> it or whatever - perhaps configure Samba on the Linux box and do same
> over Samba.

In this instance I could mount a share from the Win box and backup
there. Unfortunately it's not always possible - dependent on as you
say - network security.

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