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Mark Fraser ubuntu at mfraz.orangehome.co.uk
Sun Jul 31 14:35:39 UTC 2011

On Sunday 31 Jul 2011 14:53:24 Liam Proven wrote:
> On 28 July 2011 10:53, Mark Fraser <ubuntu at mfraz.orangehome.co.uk> wrote:
> > In my local weekly newspaper there is an article about Simplicity
> > Computers and Wessex Computers www.simplicitycomputers.co.uk. They are
> > providing an AIO computer based on Mint with their own user interface.
> > The FAQ page is worth a read.
> Thanks for the mention! I am a fairly regular participant on this list
> and I'm one of the team at Simplicity - I chose Linux, and then
> specifically Mint, and built the original OS, for example.
> Yes, the machines are a little more expensive than plain vanilla
> machines, but between our very *very* simple interface, the hour+ of
> video tutorials included, and the free telephone support and free
> software updates, we hope it's a good deal.
> I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone has about the machines.
> Meantime, I have one of my own - Mark, which local paper was this?

The Western Gazette.

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