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Mike Carter mike at tyncan.com
Sat Jul 30 08:31:37 UTC 2011

Hi Everyone
I have just started to use Ubuntu recently on a stand alone computer and I
think it is amazing. I am setting up an educational training company and I
have been trying to get some help on setting up the network. The local
people I have asked for help have said I am crazy to want to base my new
business on Ubuntu and are advising using Microsoft products. I do not want
to do this I have made a decision to use Ubuntu and I want to make it work.
Canonical suggested I ask for help through the forum, although I have worked
with computers for a long time I am not a technical person. I want to use
small form factor computers and a server in house. The whole venture depends
on having access to courses and I really need some sort of managed system. I
am willing to be educated in running the system but I will have enough on my
plate setting up and running the business. I am convinced that Ubuntu will
provide the necessary system I need I just need someone to guide me and
check that things work. If any one like a challenge then please get in
Kind regards

Mike Carter
Managing Director
Tyncan Ltd.
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