[ubuntu-uk] I'm new

Paula Graham pmgazz at gmx.co.uk
Wed Jul 27 11:40:33 UTC 2011

On 24/07/11 18:19, Alan Bell wrote:
> On 24/07/11 10:58, a.hunter at visuality-group.co.uk wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I'm new to all this, but been reading the discussions coming in 
>> through the emails. Is it just me, or is there some sort of petty 
>> argument going on? Am I reading it wrong?
>> Love to all!
>> Alex.
> Welcome Alex,
> there is indeed a long email conversation going on, I assume you are 
> referring to the "Re: [ubuntu-uk] Um, why am I blocked from 
> #ubuntu-uk" thread which actually isn't about anyone specific being 
> blocked from the channel, it was accidentally set to only allow 
> registered users for a few hours and is back to open access now. We 
> generally try to keep this mailing list and the IRC channel polite and 
> constructive at all times. This is community support, which means we 
> all help each other, there is no dividing line between those helping 
> and those needing help with an issue, and we all have access to the 
> same information. Sometimes there is no immediate solution to a 
> problem, which can cause frustration from time to time, but we do try 
> to point people in the right direction to find a solution to their 
> problem.
> Alan.

Apropos - and sorry, don't want to whinge to people who're freely giving 
their time - but thought you'd want to know - I just got an email from 
one of the people we taught last week to come to the IRC channel for 
help because BT can't help her as they don't support Linux. This is what 
she said (and by "forum", she means IRC):

"The chap on the Ubuntu forum who's responded to my plea for help has 
just given me technical jargon answers I simply don't understand and 
he's putting me off Ubuntu."

This woman is by no means an idiot but she's left a larger organisation, 
where she had tech support, to start her own non-profit and now has to 
DIY - she was pretty enthusiastic about Ubuntu at the session we did and 
the welcome she got on IRC at the session was great - so she has gone 
ahead and installed her own laptop. But she's bringing the laptop back 
here for a Fossbox volunteer to look at. It sounds like it's a simple 
problem with wifi on a BT hub - but she has no prior understanding of 
networks so she needs simple step-by-step support.

This isn't the first time someone boomerangs off Ubuntu-UK back to 
Fossbox wailing that they don't understand what's been said to them. I 
know it's often frustrating having to explain the most basic things to 
people and translate to plain English, but that's what it takes to get 
beyond the techie-sphere with Ubuntu . . .

Again, don't want to carp about the fantastic work done here - I don't 
know if it's an issue to lose people this way but thought you'd want to 
know the feedback I get here.


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