[ubuntu-uk] Um, why am I blocked from #ubuntu-uk

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Sun Jul 24 08:15:21 UTC 2011

On 24 July 2011 08:46, scoundrel50a <scoundrel50a at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 24/07/11 08:34, Alan Pope wrote:
>> Yes, and this was causing some confusion. There is no such thing as
>> 'Oneiric 3.0.0...'. What you have is the Linux Kernel 3.0.0.. built
>> for/on Oneiric. It's a subtle difference but important when trying to
>> articulate what the issue was.
> See, this is where it is confusing, to me that says its Oneiric, where does
> it say its Linux, built for/on Oneiric, it doesnt. How am I supposed to know
> that? That is why I am confused, which makes it confusing for everybody
> else.....

Well, the url you got it from is:-


The word 'kernel' appears twice, and 'Linux' appears once.

However it's largely irrelevant. I'm not saying you _should_ know,
just clearing up what was said on IRC yesterday. So now you do know.
What you're doing is a relatively advanced thing. We don't often
recommend people go off and install random kernels to see if they fix
a problem, and manually installing debs isn't exactly an everyday
occurrence, so it's hardly surprising you didn't pick up on the subtle
differences. Anyway, now that's cleared up.

>> What probably really needs to be done is to figure out at what point
>> the kernel (or whatever) broke the backlight issue. Sometime between
>> the kernel supplied with Ubuntu 10.10 and the one supplied with Ubuntu
>> 11.04 a change was made which broke it. Finding exactly which change
>> (or changes) did that is not easy.
> How will that happen,

Well, this is a bit tricky. You need to find at which kernel release
the issue started happening. Once you know that you can do a 'git
bisect' to exact change that was made which broke the backlight.
There's an interesting blog (albeit about Gentoo, not Ubuntu) about it


It's not straightforward, and not for the feint hearted, but can be
used to effectively find the issue. Here's an Ubuntu page about it:-


> it isnt just my an Acer Aspire thing, its wide
> ranging?

I doubt it's as wide ranging as you think it is. In fact googling for
'ubuntu backlight problem' turns up a number of hits, a few of which
are you asking about it :D

> Plus, I am not installing the kernels to magically fix the
> backlight problem, I was trying to use it to see if the back light problem
> was fixed.

That's pretty much what I said. You're installing the a (random)
kernel not knowing if it's fixed or not. This is an act of
desperation. You are clearly frustrated that your backlight doesn't
work in releases after 10.10 and someone suggested at some point that
you could try a newer version of the kernel to see if it's fixed

> Installing just the kernel is easier than the whole thing,
> knowing that I might have to install 10.10 again.I dont want to have to keep
> asking.......not when it causes all those problems everytime I join the
> channel.

Using the right terminology (as outlined above) will help when
entering the channel and asking for help. Also remembering to quote
the bug number helps people get up to speed. The "is there a bug filed
for this" conversation has happened at least 3 times relating to this.
Probably worth making a note of the bug number.

> There are loads of you, and just one of me, and its gets very
> intimidating.......this could be the last Kernel I will be able to use on
> this machine, and its almost brand new, when I say that its 4 months
> old......

Sure, it's frustrating, that's clear.


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