[ubuntu-uk] hard disk problem ?

john beddard john at kernelnetworks.com
Fri Jul 8 10:49:06 UTC 2011

They are not the same but successful platforms derive from the adoption 
of standards : usually taking years and loads of committee meetings.

A platform is like a bus. Get it into the bus station before the 
competition. Then leave no passengers behind. The saying' " Its more 
difficult to be popular, than to make money." reverberates around 
Silicon Valley.

The reason for Nokia's success in the early 90's came directly from the 
early adoption 3G standard in Finland. So Government can really support 
home business with the early adoption of standards. Hopefully in our 
case open-source. Especially with internet landscape changing so quickly 

The Digital Economy will not support closed solutions based on 1980's 
business models. And the U.K can benefit from adopting the community 
based format.


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