[ubuntu-uk] Lenovo b560 laptop

Gordon Stevens gordon at softspoke.co.uk
Thu Jul 7 16:47:21 UTC 2011

I recently bought a Lenovo B560 laptop running Intel (R)Core (TM)i3 cpu
M380 @ 2.53ghz and 2 gb of ram
It was running windows 7 professional
I installed ubuntu 11.04 on a dual boot basis.
Worked out of the box with the exception of wifi which I had to edit to
diable the Acer driver.
It's (ubuntu) performance blows windows out of the water, far quicker
boot up, opens programmes twice as fast and video is far better than i
the windows installed software.
Can highly recommend this unit to anybody.
If anyone wants to know the hack for the wifi contact me & I will gladly
let you have it.

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