[ubuntu-uk] hard disk problem ?

john beddard john at kernelnetworks.com
Thu Jul 7 07:11:40 UTC 2011

Its come to the situation now that whenever we go to local business 
meetings. It is possible to identify the Windows 'wolf-pack' hovering in 
the back-ground, ready to get their teeth into us. LOL! I love these 
situations because I can see the potential for skilfully engaging with 

However last night, after easily engaging in the usual 'Diss List' of 
Ubuntu inadequacy. We got given one 'Diss' that made me think. Baring in 
mind that this is useful for us also. It was this :

"Linux doesn't seem to give a warning message when the hard-disk is
   full, instead the system seem to die and shut down."

Has anyone come across this before. They said it was their main reason 
for not using Ubuntu ?


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