[ubuntu-uk] 30 test drive of Ubuntu: PC world

Avi lists at avi.co
Mon Jul 4 19:57:08 UTC 2011

richard wrote:

> When I just installed 11.04 you still had to add restricted extras and
> flash, I am sure there is a "good" reason (patents etc). 

It's nothing to do with patents. It's to do with Ubuntu's promise that
it will always be Free software, and the implication that you will
therefore not find non-free software installed by default.

> But should there not be a "click this box to install", or at least a
> page on the welcome to ubuntu screen that plays while you are
> installing, informing people how to do this?       

There's a checkbox on the first pane of the installer that offers
some non-free packages, I'm not sure if they're exactly what you're
after though.


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