[ubuntu-uk] Streaming video on variable bandwidth connection?

Tim Dobson lists at tdobson.net
Mon Jan 31 23:48:44 UTC 2011

Hey guys,

Can I pick your brains please. :)

I'm trying to work out what technology to use;

Mobile Linux computer connected via 3G/GPRS to internet.
The computer is likely to encounter fluctuating connectivity where it 
connectivity drops between low GPRS signal, full HDPSA signal and 
completely offline.

I'm trying to find a technology to stream [live] video from a V4L2 
device to 'the internet' over the able connection. The connection only 
needs to be one way.

Ideally I need to work out something that makes a 'best effort' 
judgement based on the amount/quality of bandwidth available and and 
streams the best picture it can. Eg. Where loads of bandwidth is 
available, there is a nice picture and where there isn't, there isn't a 
nice picture, but there isn't nothing.

Does anything like this exist?

Ideally something I can pull the video out in something resembling a 
sane format would be cool.
Bonus points if it's easily scriptable...



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