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On the subject of crapware, my boss decided to try ubuntu on his new dell latitude laptop running win7, he installed it by himself, and came to me the next day when it was broken. Turns out dell wrote a dock-like application for win7, which they preinstalled and it cripples grub everytime it loads.

That was the end of his Linux adventure

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> On 18 January 2011 11:08, Mark Harrison<mark at yourpropertyexpert.com>  wrote:
>> Out of interest, why do people think that building a PC without Windows
>> should be inherently cheaper?
> A simplistic viewpoint based on ignorance of common Microsoft&  OEM
> business practice at a guess :)
>> Is it because they correctly factor in the cost of the OEM licence of
>> Windows, but forget to take into account the subsidies and affiliate fees on
>> offer from application software vendors and ISPs for pre-installing 'trial
>> versions' and crippleware?
> I suspect most people don't even realise that OEMS get a kickback from
> that kind of stuff.
> Cheers,
> Al.
True, but I'm pleased to see on the last three HP's I've bought for the 
work (sadly all staying Windows boxes), that there was NO crapware 
So perhaps this is coming to an end??


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