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alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Fri Jan 21 22:55:55 UTC 2011

Hi Barry
It was I.
Apologies, I maybe missed the commons comment.

1) Please use it, or extracts  where you want to. I regard it as being 
creative commons non attribute, non commercial, although attribution 
would be nice  (optional)  and I would only decline commercial use if 
it was likely to harm FLOSS cause. So please, go ahead!
I have not edited nor imported pdf's but with OO.o 3.2 and the pdf 
import extension, it seems to work for this file.

2) I plan to attend the OpenSource Expo so I can bring some. The 
reservations I have with this leaflet (my leaflet....) and that event 
is that most attenders will know something about free sofware and open 
source. This leaflet has deliberately not mentioned free software  for 
various reasons. When I read it with my FSF hat on it offends me..... 
  But in the Windows World context of its 'intended' target, including 
local computer fairs, it just invites curiosity.

hope to see you there?

On 20/01/11 17:15, Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi there ....  A week or two back, someone posted a leaflet entitled:
>          "WhatisOpenSourceSoftware-street-level-leaflet-with-some-typos-and-gross-simplifications"
>          First question - can I put some of the stuff that is on it in
>          the online
>          tuition module I'm working on?  Secondly, this would be good to
>          have on
>          the OpenSource Expo stand wouldn't it?
>          Regards,                Barry
>          --
>          Barry Drake is a member of the the Ubuntu Advertising team.
>          http://ubuntuadverts.org/

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