[ubuntu-uk] Custom Live CD

Jon Farmer jon at bctech.co.uk
Wed Jan 19 21:28:51 UTC 2011

On 19 January 2011 18:03, Tom Ellis <tom.ellis at canonical.com> wrote:

> What is the python script going to do?
> If you just want to go straight to the installer you can use
> 'only-ubiquity' as boot option and you won't see a desktop.
> You can also preseed ubiquity if you want to automate the whole install.
> Sorry, not so familiar with UCK, perhaps someone else can answer that. I
> tend to use live-helper for this sort of thing, which you could add a
> small init script into the live chroot to get it to run a script upon boot.


I am trying to use this script
http://winlinanswers.com/book/resources.php?resource=26 to boot to a
system that gives the user the option to open a Terminal Services
session or shut the system down. I have tried to use the method found
here http://www.winlinanswers.com/book/resources.php?resource=28.

NOTE: the thinclientmenu.py has a missing " on line 43. If you correct
this and run the script it produces the desired dialog.

Using the UCK I asked for the chroot'd console and followed the
tutorial. When I built and ran the live ISO the system booted into the
installer dialog. When I clicked try Ubuntu it went back to the
loading splash screen and hung. It seems if you click try Ubuntu the
system starts a new X session, what ever I did messed this up. I
really need to find out how to by pass the installer and boot straight
into Ubuntu.



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