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Wed Jan 19 09:28:20 UTC 2011

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Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 09:10:20 +1000
From: Jared Norris <jrnorris at gmail.com>
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Subject: [Lubuntu-desktop] Advertising

Good morning all,

I'm running a stand at a Linux conference here in Australia and I'm
looking to get a collection of screen casts or advertising videos
together to display on the stand. To this end I thought it would be
good to have one or two Lubuntu ones as well. I know about the screen
casts on the website but these are mainly "how to" which I will use if
I need to in the end but I would prefer one that was more advertising
material. If you know of any please let me know as it is not this
Saturday but the one following sorry for the short notice.

I believe somebody has something like this set up already, but can't remember who.  If they have, would it be possible for the above , desperate Aussie :) , to use it.


Steve Cook (Yorvyk)


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