[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Printer test page

Tyler J. Wagner tyler at tolaris.com
Tue Jan 18 10:28:21 UTC 2011

On Tue, 2011-01-18 at 10:20 +0000, Barry Drake wrote:
> The waste of such an enormous amount of ink has always been a concern of
> mine.  I agree completely with your suggestion.  It needs to have black
> and three colours - incorporated into the Ubuntu logo maybe? But other
> than that and page corner markers, just a few words in black would
> suffice.  "If you are reading this ....  "

I actually use the test page for its intended purpose: testing my
printer. I keep the last one after installing new toner, and
occasionally print if it appears we're running low. It's pretty clear
when it's time to order more, regardless of what the printer's warnings

I do like the idea of a page kids can colour in. :)


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