[ubuntu-uk] Free Software for Non-Profits Day

Paula pmgazz at gmx.co.uk
Mon Jan 17 22:07:57 UTC 2011

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> On Mon, 2011-01-17 at 18:55 +0000, gazz wrote:
> > it'll consist of practical workshops and presentations. If anyone
> > would like to get involved or do an Ubuntu-related workshop or
> > presentation for non-techies, let me know :)     
> I'm quite interested and free that day.   Please tell me the start and
> end times.   Might need to stay over depending on this.

Haven't finalised venue or times yet but most likely 10-5. 

> Would your budget run to train fare and if needed hostel accommodation?
> I would probably come anyhow and pay my own way.
Sorry, it's Borough-level funded so volunteer budget is £7 per day for bus fare and lunch, best I can offer is a foam mattress on the floor of the box room . . . 

> We will be preparing a manual on Upgrading to Ubuntu and the Transition
> process.   migrating is scary, and so is change.   Upgrade and transition
> are positive words!

Genius! Exactly what's needed. What's the timescale? Want a hand? I came to the meeting but 9pm on a Sat not my most alert time . . .

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