[ubuntu-uk] buying a laptop?

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Sun Jan 16 21:15:27 UTC 2011

On Sun, 2011-01-16 at 20:25 +0000, Tyler J. Wagner wrote:
> 1. When reporting hardware needing replacing, just don't tell support
> you installed Linux. "Uh, yeah, I click on properties and ran the
> Windows test tool. Nope, it says nothing wrong." "Yes, I restarted
> Windows. Nope, problem is still there." I've done this many times for
> laptop screens with dark areas, and once with a fan that wasn't properly
> balanced (made a lot of noise).

If it comes Ubuntu pre-installed - no problem.  It takes a while to get
through to a techie that knows Ubuntu, but after that, just fine.  I had
the webcam in my NetBook fail a few weeks ago.  Dell were just great
once I got the right Indian.

> 2. You may need to replace the PCI/PCI-X wifi card, especially if it's
> f&%*ing Broadcom. A perfectly capable Intel wifi card can be had for £10
> on eBay, and you'll be happier with it.

Not at all.  Dell support the Broadcom cards with a proprietary driver.
You just need to have an Ethernet cable plugged in to get it.  Of
course, if pre-installed, the driver is already there. 

> 4. It's hard to find no OS or Ubuntu pre-loaded. Yes, you may have to
> take the copy of Windows that comes with it, but I doubt you'll find a
> _laptop_ that's cheaper without Windows, whatever you think of the
> retail price of the OS. You can always get the install disc and load it
> as a VM in Virtualbox.

As I said, Dell supply the Inspiron 15R pre-loaded with Ubuntu.  And you
aren't expected to pay for a licence for an OS you'll never use.  In the
UK, ElpaTech http://www.elpatech.co.uk/ offer a range of PC's
pre-installed with Ubuntu and the prices are really good.  Unfortunately
they don't sell laptops, but I think the proprietor, Ed Barnard might
help you source one.  He's an Ubuntumaniac.  Ed - are you out there?

Regards,		Barry Drake.

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