[ubuntu-uk] NetBook issues - #1

Chris Wilson afrowildo at gmail.com
Fri Jan 14 16:03:38 UTC 2011

My experience with Evolution has been far from optimal. It's always been
kinda slow and extremely clunky, though I've never taken the time to figure
out why. I guess this is one of the reasons :P

If it's advice on how to keep Evolution in tip-top shape, then I can't help
you there, though I'm sure there's someone on the list, or further out in
the community who can help you. Try asking here http://askubuntu.com.

If you want my advice on the best course of actions, forget about Evolution.
It feels to me like it's supposed to be an open source version of Microsoft
Outlook but hasn't really moved far beyond that. If you want to keep using a
desktop mail client, the Claws Mail or Kmail are both pretty good
lightweight apps, and both are available from the software centre There's
also the mail client from the Elementary project, Postler (
I'm not sure if this is available outside of the Elementary OS right now,
but it looks pretty sleek and so might be worth a try.

Personally, I've given up managing my mail from the desktop and operate out
of Gmail. Once I get the mail from my various accounts forwarded to my Gmail
address, I can just head into my settings to set up the ability to send mail
via the smtp servers of my various mail providers, so it looks as if it's
coming straight from them. This is done simply by telling Gmail what address
you'd like to send mail from, having it send an email to it which will
contain a verification link (which if you already have fording set up will
come straight to you Gmail inbox) and clicking on that link to complete the
process. I now have a drop down menu of available email address from which
to send mail from Gmail.

That solution depends, however, on how you look at Google as a company, and
at cloud computing as a viable alternative to client computing. You can
probably also set up other major web mail services to do the same, so you
don't have to through your lot in with Google.

On 14 January 2011 15:22, Barry Drake <bdrake at crosswire.org> wrote:

> Hi there ...  I've been at a conference the last three days and noticed
> some things that I'd appreciate comment to.  My NetBook is a Dell Mini
> 10v which is moderately slow and has only 8 GiB of SSD.  Normally quite
> adequate.
> While away, I noticed that the HD was almost full, so now I'm back I
> took a look.  The home directory had over 2 GiB of data, do I did a bit
> of pruning.  There was still far too much stuff in the home folder and
> when I looked closely, I saw that the main culprit was the bogofilter
> database file that had grown to an enormous size.  I deleted it and as a
> bonus, filtering using Evolution was quite fast again.  It had been
> growing slower and slower with time.
> Any comments?
> I'll post the other issue separately.
> Regards,                Barry Drake
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