[ubuntu-uk] Installing the Edubuntu and edubuntu with architectuaral version.

Alan Bell alan.bell at theopenlearningcentre.com
Mon Jan 10 11:46:41 UTC 2011

On 10/01/11 11:02, Pottar Muzamba wrote:
> Thanks guys, I finally managed to finally install edubuntu on my
> laptop though it was a wrong version. I am looking for an edubuntu
> software with architetural software (autocad/ Archcad) which I can use
> to produce building drwaings. Any one with a clue of the version.
> Regards
> Pottar
Edubuntu is based on the same repository as Ubuntu, it is just a 
different selection of packages in the install that is targeted towards 
use in schools and the education environment. You might want to take a 
look at sweethome3d which is in the repos.


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